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  • Starter
  • $29 per month - $99 Setup fee

Great choice. What's next ?

  1. Step 1 - You need to pay for the setup fee first. This will start the process. Once completed, a member of our staff will create your account and provide you access to your demo site.Pay now with Paypal
  2. Next step will be the creative brief. Here's the link to the creative brief -> Click here (a new page/tab will open)
  3. During the build of your website, you will be able to check the progress of the work. The link will be: (replace "yoursitecode" by the code given by a member of our staff).
  4. Images... The more the better. We will provide you with a Dropbox link so you can share your images with us. We will then choose the best ones for your site.
  5. You should be all set to start. Click on step 1.

The STARTER PLAN includes the following services:

  • Webpage - A single page website with all the information in it.
  • 5 email accounts -> yourname @
  • Alias domain name ->
  • Monthly analytics - A report that you'll receive every month with statistics about the monthly trafic on your website.